Aldbourne rain garden in heavy rainstorm

Water in the landscape – NFM & SuDS

There are multiple benefits from managing water well in the wider landscape

Natural Flood Management (NFM) and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) have a big role to play.

Across the catchment the Kennet Catchment Partnership are encouraging planners to promote good sustainable drainage in new developments. Good SuDS have the potential to reduce flood risk, improve water quality, increase biodiversity and create better places to live and spaces to enjoy.

Action for the River Kennet have worked with two communities (Froxfield and Marlborough) to create community wetlands, which clean up road runoff before it reaches the river and provide beautiful community amenity spaces for people to enjoy.


Action for the River Kennet is working with schools to create innovative rain gardens (retrofit SuDS) in playgrounds around the catchment.

Through our catchment sensitive farming work we are working with the Landwise project on Natural Flood Management workshops, starting in the Lambourn catchment in 2019.

ARK and Natural England are promoting ‘Making Space for Water’ options to farmers in the catchment.