Water quality – nutrients, sedimentation and algal growth

Healthy rivers require clean water. A reduction in pollution reaching the rivers and canals in the Kennet catchment will improve the whole ecology. We can see elevated levels of both Nitrate and Phosphate throughout the catchment. These nutrient levels result in algal growth, which smothers green macrophytes. Other pollutants include sediment from farmland and toxic chemicals disposed of through the drainage network.

Thames Water circulate water quality updates quarterly to keep us updated with the latest water quality data from the catchment. Read below

Summer 2023 Water Quality Update – Kennet and Tributaries

Spring 2023 Water Quality Update – Kennet and Tributaries

Winter 2022-23 Water Quality Update – Thame and Chilterns

Autumn 2022 Water Quality Update – Kennet and Tributaries.



Only rain down the drain!

Everyone has a part to play in reducing pollution, this campaign reminds people that storm drains drain to rivers and are only for rain (not paint, cigarette butts, litter, oil, dog mess …)

Schools, community groups, businesses and individuals have taken part in our only rain down the drain project to raise awareness about surface water drainage, which goes straight into the river – not to the sewage treatment works.

Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming volunteering opportunities.