Background Documents

Kennet Catchment Plan has been informed by previous research and strategies – some of the relevant background papers are available below:

The Kennet Catchment has been the focus of considerable research, and this list is a snapshot of just some.

Land use change

River water quality

  • Water Quality 2007
  • Eutrophication Modelling and Phosphate Management
  • Newbury Urban Diffuse Study Report 2010
  • CEH White paper – Point and Diffuse Pollution
  • Impacts of phosphate stripping at Marlborough 2011
  • APEM River walk surveys 2012
  • Modelling Nitrogen in the Kennet 2002
  • Kennet Adaptation Measures 2005

Kennet and Avon Canal and River Kennet interaction

Fish data for the Kennet

  • Kennet Fish Data
  • Kennet Fisheries Report 2004
  • Kennet Fisheries Report 2005
  • Kennet Fisheries Report 2006
  • River Kennet and Og Fishery Survey 2009

Habitat restoration

Climate change and the Kennet

Impacts of abstraction