Catchment Management Plan

The Kennet Catchment Management Plan sets out the actions needed to achieve a healthy water environment in the Kennet catchment – this is defined as ‘good ecological status’

The Catchment plan:

  • identifies the main issues causing water bodies to fail to reach ‘good ecological status’ in the Kennet catchment
  • identifies projects to improve the ecology

You can read about the issues and actions on this website or download an outline of our plan here: Kennet Catchment Management Plan (5 mb).

The original plan was published in 2012 and is here. We are in the process of updating the plan. The update is a work in progress and is available here: Kennet Catchment Management Plan 2019 revision

The partnership meets quarterly to review progress on each of the key issues and to plan actions to continue to make improvements. The actions and identified projects are reflected on this website.