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Current Projects

Love the Lambourn

05 May 2022

The River Lambourn is a SSSI chalk stream in ‘Unfavourable, recovering’ condition and is a significant tributary of the Kennet. This urban and public stretch of the Lambourn, in the heart of Newbury, Berkshire

Sparkling Streams

01 January 2022

Action for the River Kennet (ARK) worked with North Wessex Downs AONB, Hungerford Town and Manor and the Southern Streams Farmer Group on the Sparkling Streams project

Thames Catchment Community Eels Project

01 January 2022

ARK have been working on this project in partnership with Thames Rivers Trust, South East Rivers Trust and Thames21 to help the long-term survival

The Southern Streams

01 January 2017

The Southern Streams project advises farmers on the best ways to farm without damaging the river environment and helps them to apply for grants to fix and prevent problems.

Team Stream Restoration

01 January 2017

Our team of volunteers made up of members of the community worked together to reduce further erosion of the riverbank creating a more natural river corridor

The Phosphate Project

03 March 2016

The Kennet Catchment Partnership is working to help tackle the impacts of phosphorus-rich wastewater